Back To School with The Salt Nest

Schools in Dade and Broward have started to reopen. The reopening in Broward is being done in phases by grade level. The younger students from Pre-K to second grade will enter on day 1 along with the ESE students. Day 2 will be 3-6 & 9th. Day 3 will be 7-8 & 10-12. Virtual learning will still be available for parents that prefer to keep their children at home. Miami-Dade reopened on Oct. 5th but has been following a similar staggered reopening plan.

Now that schools have reopened, your child’s immune system can benefit from regular dry salt therapy sessions. Dry salt therapy can help detox the lung by removing mucus and toxins. The antimicrobial properties of the salt fight off germs allowing the body to strengthen its resistance to things like the cold and flu. By simply bringing your child in at least once a week, you can help them increase their immune strength and reduce the risk of the cold and flu.

Besides the great health benefits, our dry salt therapy sessions are a great after school activity for children to destress from their day. Our playroom has toys and books for all ages as well as streaming apps for a movie day.

Give The Salt Nest a call now to book a session or stop by to book your next visit!

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