Reopening Florida: How to Get Back Out There

After everything that the world has been through these last few months, it can be scary to get back out there. But it’s important that when you do, you follow the safety measures and guidelines that the National, State, and Local governments have set forth. These new rules are intended to make sure that we do not see a severe increase in positive test results for the virus.

This post will only briefly touch on the temporary changes that our community must adhere to. For more details on the changes, visit the City of Plantation’s website.


  1. Beaches are open within a limited timeframe and for limited activities.
  2. Gyms and Fitness centers are open under strict guidelines and social distancing practices.
  3. Restaurants and other essential businesses are still open. Restaurants can have indoor dining at 25% capacity and social distancing.
  4. Hotels and other lodging are reopened under strict guidelines and social distancing.
  5. Parks are open with limited use of group spaces like pavilions.
  6. Social distancing is still encouraged. Groups should not exceed 10 people.
  7. Mask and face coverings are still suggested. Some businesses may require them for entry. Employees are expected to wear them. Employers are expected to enforce CDC guidelines.
  8. Retail businesses and malls are open with restricted capacity and the enforcement of CDC guidelines.

Please remember that all businesses are not being forced to open. Call the businesses personally and ask them about their plans to reopen and what safety protocols they will be enforcing. Also, social distancing is important to continue to do until we have an all clear from our government. Remember to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer when you can not.

The Salt Nest is one of the many businesses that have reopened. Call us today to book your appointment or your can book an appointment here.

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