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History of Aleppo Soap

Aleppo soap was created in Aleppo, Syria. Inhabited for more than 8 thousand years, Aleppo is one of the oldest cities to survive the centuries. It was also the endpoint for the “Silk Road” that connected the east and west before sea trade routes came about. The recipe and manufacturing process of this soap has […]

How To Have Halloween Fun At Home!!!

Most of us are still concerned about going out to public places during this pandemic. With Halloween only a few days away, parents are looking for creative ways to safely celebrate with their kids. Check out the list below of fun Halloween activities!!! Making Spooky Treats: From cupcakes to brownies, there are a bunch of […]

Dry Salt Therapy, Aging and Seniors

As we start to get older, the aging process can trigger various skin conditions, respiratory issues and disease. Dry Salt Therapy is a great way to manage the discomfort from these conditions. Dry Salt Therapy will also help alleviate some of the symptoms. During your session, a halogenerator grinds the salt into small particles and […]

Back To School with The Salt Nest

Schools in Dade and Broward have started to reopen. The reopening in Broward is being done in phases by grade level. The younger students from Pre-K to second grade will enter on day 1 along with the ESE students. Day 2 will be 3-6 & 9th. Day 3 will be 7-8 & 10-12. Virtual learning […]

Flu Season & Salt Therapy

Flu season is starting in South Florida. Influenza is a viral infection that attacks your nose, throat, and lungs. Dry salt therapy has an immediate effect on the symptoms of the flu. The salt particles absorb mucus and reduce the inflammation of swollen air passages. This dry salt aerosol is capable of reaching all areas […]

New Skin Care Products at The Salt Nest!!!

  Dry salt therapy can play an important role in skin care. The salt’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are the biggest benefit for those that suffer from acne, psoriasis and eczema. But coming to The Salt Nest is only part of the work. At home skin care is extremely important. Below are listed the new skin […]

Homeschooling Tips & Tricks

As we struggle to find some normalcy during these trying times, homeschooling has taken off to ensure our children receive a quality education. For homeschooling beginners, it can be difficult to know where to start and what to do. Below are some tips and tricks to make it easier for you and your family. Start […]

Salt Therapy for Kids

Dry salt therapy is not just for adults. It can be helpful and fun for kids too!  The Salt Nest is home to a beautiful kids room. This room is large enough to hold a family but intimate enough to feel like you are in your own world.  We have toys and books for various […]

Reopening Florida: How to Get Back Out There

After everything that the world has been through these last few months, it can be scary to get back out there. But it’s important that when you do, you follow the safety measures and guidelines that the National, State, and Local governments have set forth. These new rules are intended to make sure that we […]

How does COVID-19 spread?

The following information is from the CDC website.   Since this virus has been discovered, there has been a lot of speculation on how it is spread. According to the CDC, the primary way is from person to person through close contact and respiratory droplets. Coronavirus can also be spread from individuals who do not […]