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Defeat Stress with these Helpful Tips!


Stress is the biggest underlying contributor to most health conditions. During this time of uncertainty, everyone’s stress levels are sure to rise. The Salt Nest family is here to help you fight off stress. Here are some things that can help and they are super easy to do!

Spa day

One of the most fun activities on our list is a Spa Day! Creating a spa-like atmosphere at home is super easy and you can have the whole family join in too. From making masks to manicures and pedicures, everyone will enjoy this and you will get some time to chill out as well.


A Salt Nest member enjoying our Private Room

Meditation supplemented by breathing exercises can lower anxiety and help strengthen the lungs. Simply find a quiet place, whether it is an empty room or your patio, sit or lay down in a comfortable position and empty your mind. You can use instrumentals or even specified Meditation music to help ease you into that mindset.  Guided meditations can be discovered on the internet and on Meditation apps that have a variety of tracks for you to use. Yoga is another great way to meditate. Yin and Restorative yoga help you relax every part of your body while learning several breathing techniques. A major plus is that it also counts as exercise too! 


For me, music is the fastest way to destress. After work, I like to unwind to some Soft Pop. Right before bed, I like to listen to sonatas and piano playlists. Sometimes even dancing around to some upbeat tunes can help you let off some steam and be light and joyful again!

Learn a new hobby

Finding new ways to keep your mind busy can also help to lower stress. Take up a craft like crochet or sewing! Or maybe you are interested in learning a new language or how to play an instrument? There is no time like the present, so you can start today! You can find tutorials on the web and you can download language apps too.


Working out can help boost your endorphins and improve your mood. You can do simple activities like walking and yoga or take it up a notch and test out aerobics and cardio routines. Staying fit and active is important no matter what sort of craziness is going on in the world. Your health is your wealth!

Bonus: Dream about The Salt Nest!

Community Room at The Salt Nest

What’s more relaxing than The Salt Nest?! Dry Salt Therapy helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Our facility is designed to provide you with the most calming experience. We have blankets, meditation music and Pink Himalayan Salt walls that give color and light therapy while you are breathing in pharmaceutical grade salt. For more information on Dry Salt Therapy or the pharmaceutical grade salt we use, visit

Battling stress is a common struggle for everyone. Try some of these activities and let me know if they have helped you.

Stay Healthy,


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  1. Martha
    Martha says:

    Thank you so much for those wonderful tips to keep healthy and without stress. The Saltnest is the best!! Thank you ☺️


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